digital marketing business plan

Why Is A Good Digital Marketing Plan Essential For Business Growth?

digital marketing business plan

What Is A Digital Marketing Plan?

A good digital marketing plan is very important to grow your business, especially now when digital is the way to go. Digital marketing is very important because of the presence of social media, which has emerged as the greatest and the most popular way to connect with many people from all of walks of life using strategies of internet marketing. In Singapore, look for a one-stop online marketing agency for all your business needs. Digital marketing can be very helpful to show case your capabilities to people and help them understand what your offerings are and what you specialize in.

Why Is Digital Marketing Necessary For Businesses?

Digital marketing is necessary because now enterprises are changing their brick and mortar set up to online websites, these are the new shops with new and evolved strategies to help touch base with customers. These are the shops of today when people have no time to go to a shop. They shop on their phones and laptops from anywhere in the world. To keep up with this trend enterprises need to have a very clear and distinctive digital marketing strategy.

Let us look at the various reasons for adopting a good digital marketing strategy to help your business grow.

Digital marketing is cheaper and cost effective than traditional marketing practices

When you have a small business and you aim to reach the maximum number of people, your only resource is digital marketing. A good digital marketing strategy can help you connect with a lot of people around the world and achieve the desired results in terms of client conversion ratio. But the strategy that you need to adopt should fit all the necessary elements of digital marketing. You will spend a lot less than you would have to if you chose traditional marketing techniques.

Digital marketing helps to generate better revenues

Through digital marketing you will be able to reach so many people at the same time. You can showcase your offerings to them through videos, innovative campaigns, and blog posts. They can completely understand your offerings through these posts and videos all at the click of a button. For a customer this can be very alluring because they can do all this at their own time and pace. This kind of a marketing strategy can yield better revenue as the customer has the ease of time and gets all kinds of information to understand the product better.

Digital marketing can help you interact with your audience better

Through social media platforms your interaction with your target audience is enhanced and augmented. Google plus helps you chat with them on a one-to-one level and through Facebook you can show them the various products and services. They can also search about you online and go through various customer reviews. On YouTube they can go through current and previous videos to understand your history and evolution. Thus, your interaction with your target audience will greatly improve if you are online and visible to your target audience.

Digital marketing can help you build a reputation of your brand

Through digital marketing techniques and strategies, you can build a great reputation of your brand, and this can go a long way in helping you interact with your audience better. To prove yourself worthy of the customer’s time and money you need to be able to build a reputation online. This can be done by adopting a good digital marketing strategy and getting great customer reviews. Customers of search marketing agency make their mind up very easily if they come across good or bad reviews about a particular product or service.

facebook messenger chatting bot

How to Retain Customer Loyalty through Relationship Marketing

facebook messenger chatting bot

How To Retain Customers

Marketing to retain customers and boost customer satisfaction is known as relationship marketing. The focus here is diverted from money gain through sale transactions. The approach that sets relationship marketing apart from other internet marketing genres is the recognition of the importance of sustaining long term customer relationships by extending interaction beyond promotional sales messages or advertising. With evolution in technology, the interactive platforms have extended to social media and telephonic interaction through mobile networks.

Ways of retaining customer loyalty through relationship marketing is by:

Setting up customer relationship on day one:

In a business approach involving generation of leads, the primary task is to effectively handle the customer. This decides the foundation of the relationship: if the relationship sustains or falls apart. If interaction is face-to-face, the importance of good relationships through interaction escalates. The right approach here is by addressing the needs of the customer and tending to it in a way beneficial to both parties. It is also helpful to ask the customer about their needs and expectations.

Customer Feedback

Interact with customers to maintain and improve business and service quality. Facebook marketing is an effective approach for this strategy.


Treat all customers, regardless of the revenue generated through them, equally. If the customer feels that there is preference, there are high chances of losing a good lead. Through the first interaction there is no certain way to determine the course of the relationship. That can only be ascertained by time, and you can then decide if the relationship needs more investment or less.

Put The Customer At Ease:

When the customer is at ease then the interaction is unrestricted. Instead of sending out generic mass emails, make a personal phone call to show interest. Adopting a separate web site to maintain contact with regular customers is also beneficial.

To Conquer And Divide

Organize the potential of each customer in a way that will make follow up easy. Grade every potential customer according to the RFM (recency, frequency, monetary value) and share-of-wallet. Develop marketing strategies according to the groups created to specifically target the same.

Begin at the beginning: do not attempt to start the relationship after the customer has been introduced. To maintain the old customers as the new ones enter, relationships must be started at the beginning.

Customize To Personalize

Isn’t it a good feeling when your preferences are known, and you are treated accordingly? Extend the same approach to each customer. Put in some effort to know what they like and counsel them accordingly.


With advances in technology, you can use a chatbot to further build customer relations – one should reach out to a suitable chatbot marketing agency in Singapore to create one suitable for your business

How to Get Your Facebook Page to Get More Likes?

Whether it’s your personal Facebook page or profile or a Facebook page that you have created for your business or brand, it is important to get as many likes or ‘thumbs up’ from people who view your photos, videos and posts on your personal or professional Facebook page. Getting more likes on your Facebook page is proof that your ideas and philosophies are being understood and accepted by people with different mindsets and thinking patterns and are following your train of thought.

Why is it important to get more likes on your Facebook page?

Facebook, just like twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are all social networking sites that are also mediums of digital marketing or e-marketing to help put your new business, company, brand, product or service on the map and reach the masses. The more views and likes you get on your Facebook page specifically created for your brand or business will boost your business popularity or credibility and will get more people talking about it and maybe even trying out your product or service. A ‘like’ denotes that the person finds your business concept or idea helpful, interesting and maybe even something that he wouldn’t mind trying out or recommending to a friend.

What is Facebook marketing?

Facebook marketing is advertising or marketing your brand, business or company using Facebook as a medium or form of digital marketing. Using a social networking site to market your brand or business can help you access millions of people from all over the world in a matter of seconds.

How to get more likes on your Facebook page?

Here’s how you can get more likes on your Facebook page and convert people visiting your page into prospective buyers or potential clients, basically converting Facebook traffic into something profitable and make some sales against the cost of making your Facebook page.

Make sure to put your brand name, tagline or logo and image on the Facebook page clearly. Just a picture or a short description of your business isn’t enough. The images, pictures and description have to be captivating, interesting and engaging and must catch the interest of the viewer. Fill out all the information of your company on the Facebook page besides the basics. Include your website link, address, operating hours etc. as interested people will be looking for this kind of information.

Post images, content and news that is relevant to your business or brand. Re-post what famous personalities like actors, models, and other celebrities may have stated about the kind of business that you are dealing with. This can drastically increase the number of likes that your Facebook page gets. The more engaging content you post, the more engagements you will get – comments, shares, and likes.

Post information regularly – once a day to 3 times a week. If your Facebook page is stagnant and you aren’t active other people will lose interest in your Facebook page too. Also, promote your Facebook page everywhere from your email signature to your business cards and letterheads, and all other forms of digital marketing. Invite whoever you know to like your page to start off with.

Visibiliti is a digital marketing agency in Singapore that can help you with Facebook marketing.

5 Common Mistakes Small Businesses Make When It Comes To Digital Marketing

In the present-day context, no business owner can afford to ignore digital marketing because the number of people who do online research for making their purchase decisions is rapidly increasing. More and more customers are placing their orders on mobile-optimized sites. Therefore, it is imperative that you, as the owner of a small business, should design a suitable digital strategy and execute it impeccably. It is best to hire a digital marketing agency in Singapore to take care of your marketing needs. You must also make sure that you avoid the following common missteps in your digital marketing.

1. Focus more on your local customers

Being the owner of a small business, you should focus more on customers in your locality. Your investment towards advertisement should target these customers. You should choose the right media and say the right things for optimally utilizing the sales potential offered by these local customers.

2. Make sure your ads communicate properly with your customers

Ads are not meant for entertaining people but they are meant for selling your products or services. So, if you think that intelligently worded ads will help you make more sales, you are terribly wrong. Your ads should clearly convey to your target customers that the products or services you are offering will help them find solutions for the issues they may be facing.

3. Ignoring the importance of SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool that can help your website climb to top rankings on search engines. Awareness about your company and the products or services you offer will improve significantly if you adopt the right SEO techniques. Therefore, if you ignore SEO, you will be doing so at your peril.

4. Not using the right keywords in your ads

When people do their research on search engines for buying products or services, they do so using certain keywords or key phrases. If you do not use the right keywords or phrases, search engines themselves determine where your ads should be shown. Though search engines like Google are intuitive, you cannot assume that they will not go wrong. Therefore, by using the right keywords or key phrases, you will be giving more direction so search engines will show your ads at the right place. Your will have better control over where and when your rightly crafted ads should appear.

5. Not sending meaningful E-mails and Newsletters

Being a business owner, you may be doing email marketing and sending your newsletters. But if they are generic and are not meaningful to your target audience, you will not reap any benefits. Customers whom you are targeting should find your emails and newsletters useful. The information you provide in them should help your customers solve the problems they may be encountering. Otherwise, the very purpose of this marketing strategy will get defeated.